Only Daddy can make it better.

16 Oct


If you look closely you can see the little band-aid on Chunker’s thigh.  Today was vaccination day.  She loved the oral vaccine she received!  The nurse that administered the vaccines told me she had never seen a baby react as Adeline did to the oral vaccine – she would would smack her lips, wiggle like a little worm, and even grabbed the nurse’s hand to try to help!  Unforunately the shots weren’t as pleasant. 

I gave Adeline some Tylenol before we left the doctor’s office.  That worked until two o’clock – an hour before I could give her another dose.  For the rest of the afternoon she fussed until Daddy came home and cuddled her, let her watch Sesame Street on YouTube, and ultimately got her to fall asleep on his chest.

Now we are just cuddling an hoping that tomorrow will be a better day as we drive back to Iowa.

Oh- for all that keep asking, our little chunker now weighs 10 lbs 6 ozs!


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