…and the little one said, “Roll over, roll over!.”

14 Oct
This is my 'I'm about to roll over' look!

This is my about to roll over look!

 That’s right, my friends, she is one step closer to mobile.  She has mastered stomach to back, but hasn’t thought of going the other way, which is fine by me.  While it’s so exciting to se her grow and change everyday, it’s hard to believe that parenthood gets any better.  I know everything is but for a season, but must the seasons go so quickly?

It is beautiful to see her develop her routines, mannerisms, likes, and dislikes.  Currently she loves Daddy’s silly faces, trying to climb over Mama’ shoulder, speed-metal music (thank, Daddy), watching her mobile, and Dexter’s (the cockatiel) singing.  We are learning tha this can change any day.

As for Matthew, both Adeline and I are extremely proud of him.  He’s doing well in his classes and is more excited about school than I’ve ever seen him- I feel like I’m auditing the class…I’m learning so much from him!  Right now he’s writing papers on St. Ambrose of Milan and seems fully pleased with his research.  Hopefully he will be able to blog soon.  He can tell you much more about where his time goes than I can.

I till spend my days playing with babies and working in the admissions office.  I sometimes feel as though parts of my brain are atropying.  It sure is hard to find time to do the (other) things I love between work, housework, and taking care of Adeline.  I am bound and determined, however, not to lose myself completely in my new role and identity as a mom.  I want Adeline to always learn how important it is to be a strong, learned, creative woman no matter what her responsibilities and roles are.


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